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How To Get More Loan From Banks In Malaysia?

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How To Get More Loan From Banks In Malaysia?

Top Secrets of Banking Industry in Malaysia Finally Revealed | Brought to you by Sum Property Talk- Part 1

10 Top Secrets of Banking Industry in Malaysia – #3 will slap you so hard in your face

Still looking and paying for courses that teach you how to get more loan from banks in Malaysia? POWER yourself with these knowledge, GET MORE MONEY from the banks ! Never leave yourself in dark again!

Ever wonder how do the banks “give” out the loan? Master these 5 points and you’ll become a mortgage consultant.

How To Get More Loan From Banks In Malaysia?
How To Get More Loan From Banks In Malaysia?

1.How To Get More Loan From Banks In Malaysia? – Secret #1 Bank like employee more than employers

This is because employee is having a stable or fixed income. U might be wondering, am I out of my mind? Well the answer is a big NOPE.

What?! Aren’t the big boss out there sucking our blood, having us to work for them which end up they are getting richer and richer? Well, there’s another side of the story.

To put it simple: there’s more business failure comparing to those succeed and survived more than 5 to 10 years. An employee could lose his job and still find a similar job and similar pay. What about an employer? Business failure means to say that particular employer could end up facing bankruptcy.

Conclusion: Employee is earning much stable income than employer and under most circumstances, they are more likely to get their housing loan application approved than employer.

Fun fact: If you are a business owner, your employee could have a higher credit limit than you.

2. How To Get More Loan From Banks In Malaysia? – Secret #2 Type of industry(if you are a business owner)

In Malaysia, most of the banks, they “HATE” these industries:

  • Antique
  • Travel agency
  • Gold
  • Massage & etc

The banks categorized these businesses or industries as “high risk customers” (HRC).

As a Malaysian, we all know what’s most of the massage business are doing.(if you don’t understand what I’m trying to hint here you can ask your friends around or send us an email) Therefore, the banks are pretty worries about the going concern issue.

For travel agency, because travelling itself is a seasonal stuff. To put it in other words, the income or profit for the entity will fluctuate over time! What does that bring to your mind? The jerky (Chinese call “bak gua”) business is classified as HRC as well! It is a seasonal or cyclical business that only performs well during specific season !

How To Get More Loan From Banks In Malaysia?
How To Get More Loan From Banks In Malaysia?
  1. Top Secrets of Banking Industry in Malaysia Secret #3 NOT knowing your loan / leverage ability!

Knowing these will be the most powerful weapon you can use against the banks! Not knowing this will cause you to be rejected by the banks!

Most of the banks allow your monthly commitment or instalment to only occupy 70% of your net income. This means to say if you are having RM 4, 000 NET incomes, 70% will be RM 2, 800.

RM 2, 800 allows you to buy a property at the price of at least RM 560, 000

Conclusion: be smart at planning your “Quota”!


  1. Top Secrets of Banking Industry in Malaysia – Secret #4 Savings or Fixed Deposit (FD)

It’s the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) asked by most of the banks!

Why?! Because it’s the single most important factor most of the banks will refer / look at.

Having savings is a great proof that you’re exhibit a saving habit! The bank will “love” you and your savings!

Nowadays, it’s really hard to see a person walking on the street with great amount of savings. Hence, if you’re able to show to the banks you are having certain amount of savings; it will definitely improve your chances to secure your loan!

So, start your savings journey now!

  1. Having EPF actually can help you secure your loan application within a day!

That’s right! Having an EPF contribution is a great proof that you are under employment.

If you’re still getting paid by cash without EPF contribution, you should stop now. There’s a high chance that your loan will be rejected by the banks!

This is because from the banks’ aspect, you could be reporting a fake income with a fake payslip or income documents! You can make a statement that you’re getting paid of RM10, 000 per month while your actual pay is just RM 5, 000.

Local fact: having an employment history of more than 1 year, u will get your loan application approved by Maybank within a day which CIMB within an hour!

  1. Insurance is NOT A COMPULSORY

Once you’ve secured your bank loan, banks will somehow “forced” or “bluff” you to buy the MRTA with them. For some banks, they will offer a lower interest rates if you buy MRTA with them.

It’s actually not a scam but it’s more of a protective measure taken to protect both you and the banks just in case anything bad happen to you.

In the case of unfortunate event arise, the insurance company will settle the debt / obligations/ bank loan so that your family won’t have to bear your debt when the unfortunate event arises. In worst case scenario, your family might be chased out of your property if they are unable to pay for your debt!


Mastering the first 5 elements discussed above will help you understand your situation more clearly. Piece of advice? Don’t survey or look around for the property without knowing your loan ability. Even if you survey all the new projects/ condominium in the end getting your loan rejected is equally slapping yourself in the face. You’re wasting people’s time and yours as well.

We’ve handed the basic weapons to your hand, use it wisely !

Stay tuned for more interesting stories related to banking and real estate industries!

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